Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Wynn Family Winter Market

fWell, little Silas has taken to his new home quite well. As you can see, he's got no problem kicking back and catching up on his zzzzs.
On another note, we've been selling all winter at a the Wynn Family winter market. Candye Wynn, avoiding the camera below, and her family started the winter market a couple of winters ago and graciously extended an offer to us to sell our eggs there this year. There's all kinds of greens, root veggies, pork, eggs, winter squashes, canned veggies and jellies, and a ton more stuff.
Oh yeah, you can also sign up for one of our free range heritage or broad-breasted turkeys for Thanksgiving. Hurry up though, because they're going fast!
On the right here is Dave Dickey. Dave's got quite the acreage of apples, fruits, and strawberries, and as you can see below winter squashes. Dave's a great guy and a joy to visit with.
The winter market will end at the end of this month, when the Fayetteville Farmers' Market starts. But until then, swing by between 9 am -noon on Saturdays at the Firefighters Association Building (the old Bus Stop) next to the Brickhouse Restaurant on the westside of Hwy 71 (S. School St), in between 9th and 15th St.

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