Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Double Dew Claw

One of the unique traits of the Great Pyrenees breed is that they have two dew claws. A lady at work who used to breed Pyrenees warned me that some times individuals in the breed can have problems with the dew claws, so they need to be checked every so often. Sure enough, I checked Feta's claw and you can see below how the rightmost dew claw had started to curve in on itself. Interestingly, Alfredo's claws didn't present a problem. Good genetics.
So while we were in the pasture trimming claws, I took a picture of the family. Feta's in the pic below, sniffing baby Silas.
Another trait with Pyrenees is that they are ridiculously affectionate towards children. Kids can pull and squeeze on their necks, tug on their massive jowls, and scream in delight, and the Pyrenees take it in stride as you can see below. The only problem is size - klutzy large dogs and uncoordinated toddlers can make for some (hilarious) wipeouts.
Good family and good dogs.

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