Monday, March 22, 2010

A Ridiculous Foot of Snow

So Saturday night into Sunday, a fast moving system dumped an inch of rain and then over a foot of snow on us. The day before, it was nearly 70 degrees. Seriously, the end of March and over a foot of snow? It's depressing, and it's really screwed things up. The weather man predicted 1-3 inches. He was right, but there was an additional 9 inches he forgot to mention...
Hopefully this will be the last time this year that I have to hike up and down our road because of the snow. It's getting old.
The pups were ready to be fed. Squirt got popped by the fence last week, so you can see in the pic that he stays way, way back.
So Feta didn't wouldn't even wait for me to fill her bowl. The bucket had a bunch of goodies mixed in with their dry dog food. Apparently she was a fan!
I'm so glad that I didn't put the hens out on pasture last week - really dodged a bullet. This year's been really crazy so far. It's good to see this while just getting the farm started, because it shows me what I have to plan for worst case.

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