Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New Pasture Coop Site

So it's getting close to moving the laying flock back down to the pasture. With daylight savings, we've got a little more time in the evening, so Simmey and I went down to check the state of the pasture. Last winter, I left the hens on pasture too long, so I'm paying for it now. The grass had been stunted, and it's recovering.
Where Simmey's standing with his entourage of "puppies" is where the pasture coop will need to be moved later this week. I've got to attach some eye bolts through the 4x4 skids so I can drag it. The spot is on the edge of the pond (that doesn't hold water - thank you interstate blasting), and more importantly, relatively flat, especially for our land.

Last year, we got beat up pretty bad by the varmits. We've taken quite a few precautions this year - the massive Pyrenees above, a fence packing 15 joules and 9.5 kvolts. We're a step closer to success either way.

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