Wednesday, March 17, 2010

First Turkey Eggs

So I've got my first turkey hen starting to lay. These are two of the Narragansett eggs. She's laying an egg about every other day or so (0.75/day). I'm guessing things will ramp up as spring starts to come in full swing. Interesting how they're camoflouged/mottled. So I've got a Tom that does his duty and a hen who lays, so we'll probably end up overwintering some more hens and another tom this year and start getting two breeding flocks going - a tom with 3 hens. That should give us around 30 eggs to hatch a week; depending on sales this year, I'd like to have around 75 turkeys for sale next year. Hatching our own poults would be cheaper - buying poults vs keeping 8 or 9 turkeys through the winter, plus the customers that buy these birds want to see them preserved, and that would be a huge added value for them.

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