Monday, August 17, 2009

This Guy Thinks I Eat My Dogs

A while back I posted an ad on craigslist selling a pyrenees mix puppy, Roux, that just wasn't going to cut it as a chicken guard dog. She would be good for guarding larger livestock - goats, sheep, cattle, etc, or make a great cuddly family pet. The ad can be read here:

Today I got a reply to the ad that made me speechless. Here it is:


I saw your ad on craigslist regarding the following ad. In the ad you included "Will make a good livestock dog or an excellent family pet."First off, I understand it -is- your legal right to do whatever you want with a dog, but you should really be more humane. How can you offer up a dog for LIVESTOCK? Dogs are meant to be pets, not breeding livestock to eat!What are you, CHINESE? I don't know what you and your family do in China, but here in AMERICA we do not treat dogs as livestock to eat!!! In America it is ILLEGAL to eat dogs.I really hope that whoever ends up getting that cute puppy uses it as a pet and NOT livestock.

You hear about people this dumb in stories and in the Darwin Awards, but it's actually interfacing with a man of this calibre leaves you speechless.


  1. This is GREAT!!! Thanks for the laugh, and I owe you money for your crazy "fog" eggs. I am SO sorry that I asked you to bring them Sunday night and then I forgot all means by which to pay you.

  2. That is just awesome!

  3. How damn dumb can this guy seriously be??? Geeze...