Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Gate For the Pasture

I finally got a gate up at the foot of the bench pasture. I used Red Cedar logs that I cut out of the garden spot last year. They've dried for nearly a year, and they were cemented and buried in a shale clay, so they should last a while. When I drilled them, the purple heartwood shavings smelled fantastic.
After I predrilled some holes, I screwed in the hinges that would hold the gate. A cheater bar would have made this a whole lot easier.Once the hinges were in, Carla and I hung the gate. The gate is a 12ft Aluminum tube gate. I put welded wire on the gate to keep the chickens from walking through it. The gate really spritzes the place up. Now all the place needs is a good brush hoggin, a pond repair, and some more chickens.

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