Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Hard Way To Roost

So we're getting another batch of 70 hens trained to move on down to the pasture. For whatever reason, a group of hens has decided that the roosts aren't high enough and have improvised a rather mind-boggling solution

So the closest hens are on thier roosts. The ones in the top left corner are the "different hens". There is no way that roosting like that can be comfortable. It's a tight squeeze, especially since I've cinched the tarp down. They fly up there, latch on upside down, and, in a flurry of flapping and frantic chirpping, wedge themselves up there. I knock em down, and they keep coming back.
I'm leaving them alone. They know the roosts, b/c when I knock em down at dusk, they'll revert back to the roosts I built for them since it's too dark for them to see well enough to get back up to the ceiling. The pasture coops are wood and galvanized tin - it'll take a lot more flapping to wedge up into those ceilings.

Engage a chicken in a battle of wits and they'll drag you down to thier level and peck you into submission...

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