Sunday, August 30, 2009

Mountain Pasture Pics

Here's some shots from the pasture across the creek from our house. It's beautiful but rough land. In the distance you can see the first pasture chicken coop. I was clearing fencelines of lespedeza. It was quite a chore. This seems like land that was created for goats doesn't it?

You can see there's a lot of lespedeza. We're wanting to put goats on the pasture next spring. The lespedeza gets stemmy in the summer and fall, but I learned this year from brush hogging that if you knock it down in the late spring, it'll be soft and supple again in the late summer and fall.This is the top bench of the pasture. In the corner, one day I'd like to build a house for us.

After a couple of months of really hard work, the fence is FINALLY up and running. The voltimeter shows around 6,000 volts, and there's 1.0 joules of punch behind the zap.

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