Wednesday, August 5, 2009

How Many Do You See

That's one big chicken...or is it?
If you guessed that it's actually two chickens, well then yes you're right.
These chickens are in a brooder/hospital pen that we have. In this case, it's a hospital pen, and the day before these chickens were so far through death's door, that only thier beak was sticking out.
The reason they were in such bad shape was because thier waterer ran out, and they suffered heat stroke. 3 others died, but I was able to bring these guys back by dunking them in cool water and force hydrating them. I've got a better watering system in place for these guys now, it's called a bell waterer and it's much better than what we had before. I hate when birds get hurt/die because I screw up - not just because it costs money, but because I want the birds to have as good a life as possible. The two chickens above are broilers that I'll be butchering in a month or so, but until them I want them to have the best life possible.
I am becoming quite the chicken medic. I guess the military patch-up first aid that worked so well for me have transfered well - heat problem, sour crop...just a cut and a few stitches with some fishing line...

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  1. Hopefully you won't have to use those chicken-medic skills too often!