Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Pawprints Don't Lie

So one benefit of all the snow lately is that it's helped me find where Feta, our female Pyrenees, has been getting out of the pasture.
Our big male, Alfredo, is too scared of the fence, but Feta is a notch or two smarter than Fredo, and always seems to find our fencing weaknesses. This time it was a high spot in the fencing were she's been able to slip under the hot-wire. Apparently I'd noticed this spot a while back, but I must not have had any insulators on me, because as you can see below, the t-post is definitely insulator poor. I fixed the problem, we'll see what Feta finds in the next week or so!

Incidentally, Feta doesn't get popped because of her ridiculously thick coat, which insulates her not only from the cold, but from conducting electricity. I just look at her a sheep/goat proofing our fence - she's practically wearing a fleece.

The snow sure does make the pasture pretty, but I still can't wait for summer!

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