Monday, February 15, 2010

Freezing Chicken Stock

So we've just about exhausted our supply of meat chickens we put up last year, in fact, we only have 3 left. Next year, I'd like to put up around 60 birds for our own use.

We try to get the most from our birds. Mostly, we'll brine then roast them. We'll eat a bird from dinner then pick it clean. Our son, Simmey, who's nearing two, really likes to gnaw on chicken legs and wings - I think it helps with the teething. The bones go to make stock, and the chicken skin and fat from roasting as well as the fat and scum skimmed from the stock-making goes to the guard dogs in the pasture. After we've milked everything from the bones, they go to the dogs who live up by the house. Considering the feathers and other parts are composted, nothing leaves the farm. Pretty neat.

I've started freezing stock in Mason Jars, an idea I got from Throwback at Trapper Creek. I can just set it on the counter the morning that I need it and let it thaw away. As we use up pickles, the jars get reassigned for stock. It's a great use for spent lids.

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