Saturday, May 22, 2010

Hognose snake

So we've learned that when Harley barks, there's a good reason. Snake's especially seem to get her riled up. Summer's on the way, so it seems like everyday she's finding something that she feels we need to be alerted of. Yesterday it was a hognosed-snake out in front of the house.
This species is a pretty unique reptile. When disturbed, they hiss really loud and flare out like a cobra. They're by no means poisonous, but still, it's pretty intimidating, and only knuckleheads like me mess with them.

So I used to "catch" snakes, even the posionous ones when I found them. Yeah, I was THAT kid, and I'm still that guy. Pinning a snake's head down and grabbing the tail is pretty traumatic for the snake. Snakes are good to have around, as they eat rodents hanging around the farm. So for this guy/gal (I didn't check), I just backed Harley off and let the snake take a minute to make its escape.
Run away snake, run away!


  1. Finding that in my pasture would give me a heart attack! You would laugh, we only have little bitty garter snakes here and they startle me :)

  2. Love reading about your adventures! Wish I could see your farm! Maybe I'll get back up there someday! Take care you guys! Miss you!