Thursday, May 13, 2010

Goats! You've Got to be Kidding Me

Well, we've got goats, sort of. The guy we bought the goats from delivered them late this afternoon. We wormed them, and put them in the electrified goat pen that I'd just finished. Unfortunately, just an hour earlier, a thunderstorm that had a tornado warning clipped our holler (the second severe storm of the day). This thunderstorm also broke an insulator that shorted out the fence down to a mere 4 Kv. So even though I'd checked beforehand, So the goats just walked out of the pen, and after a whole lot of chasing, diving through brush, briars, and poison ivy and the occasional diving tackle, we've just about got them all penned up in a holding pen we had set up for the pasture pups. I managed to wipe out and roll down enough of a distance across enough rocks to warrant a trip to the doctor tommorrow to check for a broken wrist and a badly banged up knee that is still numb several hours later.

So very early in the morning, Carla and I are going to head down to the pasture and put up some welded wire fencing around the goat pen. This will give a physical barrier until they figure out that the hot wire is, well, hot. I fixed the broken insulator so the fence is now back in the 8 KV range again. Arghhh.

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