Monday, January 25, 2010

State of Arkansas May I?

This is the Interstate (I-540) overpass that borders our land. Bullard Creek bisects our land, and flows under it. All of our property is on this side of the bridge in the photo, and the photo is taken on the top bench of our pastureland. Our house is directly across the holler from where I'm standing on the other side of the creek. It's rough land for sure. If you click and enlarge the picture, to the left of the fallen locust tree in the middle of the pic, you can see my truck and an orange gooseneck trailer. The plan is to use the trailer to build a bridge over the creek. We'll cut the axles and hitch off, and set it over a deep, armored part of the creek. As flashy as the creek is, any type of culvert bridge will blow out of the streambed.Here is a frozen Bullard Creek. At the top of the pic, you can see where we're planning on putting the bridge in. The problem is that the only place that we can build it on is on state land. It's a long story that involves a hateful old hermit who's way beyond kooky.

So a permitting officer from the State Hwy Dept is coming out to inspect the site. The Hwy Dept has been out once already, and they've been very accommodating and professional. The whole process has been incredibly smooth, and we're hoping that it'll stay that way until the end. We'll know by tomorrow afternoon.

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