Saturday, January 9, 2010

Ice Cold Moves

So the temperatures have plunged here in NW Arkansas, going subzero - approaching -20F if you consider the windchill. Yeah, that's way below the normal.

So, this has been a great incentive to move the chickens off of pasture. We decided to move them into the greenhouse we built the past summer. The greenhouse is a lean-to built on a slope. My plan is to let the chicken poop and hay compost down to great veggie beds for next winter, and let the chickens level things out.

Come on darlin, moving time

The pasture needs the break, with the excessive snow events, the ground has been rotating between either soggily soupy or frozen into a solid brick. The pasture needs the rest too, b/c the hens are starting to overgraze the fescue, which has been knocked back already due to the harsh winter.

So I was fixing things up, getting ready for the ladies when Tom turkey made a visit. Followed by one of his lady hens. Simeon was "helping" me in the green house and he got a big kick out of the turkeys.

Sizing up the opposition - on both sides

So right now I've got everybody in the greenhouse. I'll let the turkeys and ducks out once the weather snaps this weekend. I'll keep the hens cooped up until the spring though.

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