Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hauling Hay

This morning, the Spencer's feasted on a batch of blueberry pancakes and headed out to pick up some wheat straw. We use it as mulch in our veggie beds, and we buy it from a farmer over in Wedington who grows and bales it. He'd just baled a batch, and if you pick it up in the field, you save a 1.25 a bale.
So getting the straw was a family affair. Carla drove the truck from bale to bale and I just rode on the back of the trailer. Luckily, there were clouds out and a good breeze that kept us from burning up in fields. Simmey came along too and jumped at the chance to run around on flat land. He found the flatness much to his liking, since when he fell, he didn't roll 10 feet downhill.

On the way home, Carla and I indulged ourselves in some large 32oz Icees. It's like 2 lbs of popsicle - and that my friend simply rules.

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