Sunday, June 21, 2009

Roux and Bechamel



These two goofballs are our not so new anymore Great Pyrrennes pups. The white one is a boy named Bechamel and the mottled one is his sibling named Roux. We got them in the midst of the "Great Coyote & Great Horned Owl Free-For-All" back in May. They've been penned up with the hens now down in the holler for nearly a month, and have started to get the idea that they're guardian dogs. They're not much more than bark right now, but for most of your woodland critters that have a hankerin' for chicken (and that would be all of them) two barking puppies make them jittery enough to skiddadle and go eat someone's pet that got dropped off out here in nowheresville.

Feeding times are pretty frustrating as the two dogs insist on trying to eat out of the same bowl, which leads to them growling and barking at each other for half and hour while the chickens eat all the unguarded dogfood out of the second bowl.

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