Friday, June 26, 2009

The Musical Fruit

I'm talking about beans. We've got several types of beans growing in the garden plot right now. Our plantings from spring this year didn't make because of 3 weeks of rainy, cool weather, that rotted the beans in the ground and delayed replantings. We did have some spotty germination that made it through of a gorgeous heirloom wax bean called Dragon Tounge. They are delicious, but we're only getting enough for our needs, no surplus to sell.

Purty huh?

All told, we've got around 70 ft of pole beans and 50 feet of green bush beans (both old timey types). The pole bean is actually a purple green bean and is the variety is mysteriously called Purple Podded Pole. It's actually an Ozark native, found on an Ozark homestead in the 30s or 40s.

Carla and I like pole beans because we're both tall people. We trellis pole beans. This year I used 8 ft sections of rebar which I hammered into the ground at 10 ft intervals. I cut small trees, limbed them and wired them to the top of the rebar. Carla and I tied tomato twine to the top of the tree/rebar frame so the beans can vine up. They grow up to half a foot a day, which is kind of scary. The beans create a wall of foilage, and their purple flowers are occupied by fuzzy bumblebees from sun up to sun down.

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