Sunday, February 20, 2011

Crazy Weather Swings

Man, the past week or so has been crazy. The last spate of winter weather dropped over a foot of snow at our place and 20 miles north, over two feet of snow fell, breaking a state record for 24 hr snowfall amounts. The next morning, temps dropped to -20 F, and that's REALLY cold here.

Lately though, temps have been pushing into the 70s during the days and 5os into the night. The ground's even starting to dry out a little. Judging by critters, spring is coming. The spring peepers are out and the bees are finding pollen somewhere, as their pollen baskets are laden with the yellow stuff.

I think we've still got a cold snap or two in store, and judging by the year so far, I'd be suprised if we didn't have a snow or two on the horizon. It's been a rough winter here, really rough. It's been good to see though how rough things can get as we're eyeballing our surroundings are figuring out what and how we need to build. A record drought followed by record cold back to back helps in the planning.

Anyone else having an abnormal weather year?


  1. Our weather is crazy in eastern Missouri too. Record snowfall amounts, extreme (for Missouri) cold, and ice. Weather was finally nice this week, so I'm getting the new greenhouse framed out.

    I'm ready for spring!

  2. I think it's been rough for everyone this winter Adam. I'm ready for spring, but a little fearful too b/c I'm so far behind!