Monday, November 8, 2010

Unloading Birds at the Processor

So I've been compiling a database of independent poultry processors across the nation that are available to small farmers. They are a dying breed, as increased regulation, both federal & state, coupled with a myriad of factors from the poultry industry becoming vertically integrated to a public so used to the often subsized cheap food, have slowly whittled the processors numbers down nation wide. The last independent poultry processor shut down well over a decade ago, and if it were'nt for DARP, 70 miles away in Talequah, OK and Pel-Freeze, up the interstate a county up, the nearest USDA processor would be 5 or 6 hours away. We are EXTREMELY fortunately here to have TWO within driving distance while entire states are lacking.

DARP workers and my left sleeve

If you know of a processor not on the database, would you mind commenting below?


  1. Just found your blog today. I have enjoyed reading about your farm and appreciate how you take time to explain why your doing things (like the $5 hay bales). Thank you for your posts and keep it up. If I'm ever in your neck of the woods I call and pick up a bird or two. I'll be checking in here regularly! Thank you!

  2. Thanks for posting the database of poultry processors. While I live in California now, I plan to move back to the family farm in the next few years. Finding out that there are 3 processors within a reasonable driving distance (including 2 USDA inspected plants) helps with the business planning stage of the move.