Monday, September 13, 2010

Some Logged Land Pics

This is on the northern border of the property. You can see I-540 off if you look in between the trees. The view is really opening up, and you can see the hills on the other side of the West Fork. I think it's mighty beautiful
So the loggers are leaving a lot of treetops and small tree too small to make mini-logs than get knocked down by the skid-steer. The price on pulp is really low, and you have to haul pulp all the way down to Ashdown in the southern part of Arkansas. At $2.00/ton, I'd rather have the debris left on the ground where it'll catch soil.
This is at the foot of the property. It's going to make some beautiful pasture. I've sowed orchardgrass and some red clover already. I'm taking it easy on the clover because I don't want bloat to be a worry. Tonight Carla and I are going to go sow wheat and annual ryegrass to try and get some forages started to hold the soil. There's a lot of hickory stumps laying around, and these will throw off massive shoots (copice) for the next couple of years, which will make excellent goat browse.

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