Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Lots of Forages, even in a drought

So after some initial hitches, we've goat a decent herd (for us) of goats down in the pasture. There's lots of good forage for them, and to be honest, most of our field is a goat paradise. I think even 30 goats wouldn't be able to keep up with the lespedeza, and there's tons of cedar to snack on in the winter.
Despite the drought, the trees and shrubs are fairing well due to their deep roots. The video below shows just how great our goat forage is - wild grape, redbud, greenbriar, and lespedeza! What a treat!

And no, despite Simmey's pumpkin, it's not Halloween - and besides, our pasture would be a horrible place for trick or treating!

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