Thursday, June 24, 2010

Early Blight?

Some of my Marglobe tomatoes have started to show what I think is early blight. You can see the stem in the picture is black, and I'm taking that as an early blight symptom. I had 4 tomatoes like this, and I cut them all off below the infected stem. It was a little hard, b/c the plants were beautiful. I don't want the disease spreading, so I had to be ruthless. arglobe tomatoes


  1. Symptoms of calcium deficiency, that and losing turkey poults to disease, and your diseased tomato plant. Robert Barefoot has a book, 'Death by Diet' that explains how critical calcium is to preventing disease, and another, 'The Calcium Factor' gives even more info.

  2. My soils are being rebuilt and were pure clay and highly eroded, so no argument that they're Ca deficient. Most turkeys have no inherent resistance to Blackhead, they simply cannot form the antibodies to fight the disease off. I feed a pretty balanced feed, and the turkeys ingest a lot of limestone, so I'd be money that they're nutrient balanced. Plus they have unlimited access to forage to balance what they need.