Sunday, October 11, 2009

Snaking Wire through the Woods in a Flood

So to get power down to the pasture, we're snaking a hotwire through the woods. We've went to a really powerful charger, but it needs AC power, so it's going to be up by the house. We're putting it outside of our window so we'll be able to check on it easily

The wire we're running goes down hill through the woods. Then it has to cross Bullard Creek to get to our pasture on the other side.

Thursday night/Friday morning, we had over 6 inches of rain up here in the holler. Massive erosion - the water hurt our bridge and tore up the top part of our driveway. I had to get across to finish running the wire. An old cedar tree provided the way.

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  1. Spence--I marvel at your ingenuity, strength, and perseverance in keeping your farm operation going!