Friday, September 11, 2009

Settled In

So the 4-H hens have done well transitioning to free range life. We lost an extremely skittish hen who would have nothing to do with staying in our pasture the second day - she vaulted over two fences, bolted down the creekbed and never looked back. Here's the coop on the second morning, the new hens are the brownish ones for the most part.

The fencing did the trick. Most of the new pullets and hens just hung out inside the coop for a day or so, slowly venturing out as they became comfortable with thier new surroundings. The coop is now home, and the nesting boxes are where to lay.

The Pyrennees pups that we're training had a much harder time with fence. In & out, in & out - just bowling right through the netting. It worries me, I just got a good pair of working dogs!

Who can resist the lovely Mrs. Feta?

So I ended up pulling the fence earlier than I wanted, but the hens have figured out ropes, er roosts, and the dogs aren't loosing anymore battles of wits with netting. We'll call it a go.

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