Heritage Breed Turkeys

(Page in Construction) We sell heritage turkeys for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Our Turkeys are raised on pasture and we process them and package them ourselves. Turkeys are available for pick up two weeks before Thanksgiving and will be frozen. Turkey includes giblets (liver, heart, neck) $5.75/lb processed weight.

Heritage turkeys have less white meat than the commercial Broad-breasted White Turkeys that Americans have grown accustomed to. They forage more, are much smarter, can breed naturally, and are a joy to raise. They are the birds of the Americans that built this nation, not the corporations of today. Heritage turkeys also tend to store their fat over the breast, which in effect creates a self-basting bird. Heritage turkeys also take much longer to reach a harvesting size and the baby poults are more expensive as many breeds are on the brink of extinction.

This year we'll be raising Narragansetts, Bourbon Reds, Blue Slates, and other varieties. Check out The American Livestock Breed Conservancy for information about specific breeds!